An Extended Metaphor

A steady pattern of beats that at times are tortuously slow and at others seem to go unnoticed. A change of light emission from diodes or grains of sand trickling through the hourglass. Constants to match that all too familiar ticking clock that no matter where you are seems to find you.   As the …

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Trick Or Treat?

Standing before you is everything you heart has been yearning for, you can't quite believe it and so you pause. Your breath hitches in equal parts disbelief and excitement. You take that first tentative step forwards with growing confidence. Your hand reaches out grasp hold so tight you'll never let go and then everything goes …

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(16) If Lyrics Were Read As Prose

Today's lyrical marking is a little unusual because it's more focused on the content than the grammatical aspects. We've got some problems with Mike Posner... There's a few things to mention regarding this song's video as well... At first I wondered whether this song was definitely about a woman, so I watched the video which …

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