Why A Desk Is Actually A Jalky

There's a funny thing about language. We all speak at least one (I'm assuming, that as you're reading this, you speak English) and to you it just sounds normal. It sounds like all those little syllables correctly signify what you are trying to express. Once you know what the word signifies, you can't unlearn it. …

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Did Depression Make Me A Better Writer?

I came across some really old pieces of writing I had done when I was about 12 recently. Although I guess they weren't bad for a 12 year-old I'm probably still too embarrassed by their quality to share them with you. But they got me thinking about the journey my writing skill has taken over …

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Diversity Part 3 – Sexuality

To continue my thinking on diversity in the entertainment industry I've moved on to how sexuality is portrayed and represented. In my previous posts on Ethnicity and Gender I said that I didn't feel revealing my own race or gender was necessary because I felt myself able to think objectively on the subject. And I was ready to write …

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Red is better than White

Well hello again my fellow fairy tale adventurers. In Disney just got Grimm I talked... in length... about Snow White and her many incarnations throughout the centuries. Again I'll be using  stories from my copy of The Classic Fairy Tales  edited by Maria Tatar. This time I'm plunging into the dark wood home to grandmothers and frequented by …

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The little things

An exploration of humanity seems to be what we as readers search for. As humans we desperately search for explanation and understanding to what we are, why we are and if we are destined to repeat the past or rise up a better people. This exploration of humanity can be subtle or overt. It can ask the big questions on how humanity lives or it can present you with "true" characters that live "true" lives and experience those things we think of as innately human. I want to hope that I can do both. I want to think I can question the good of humanity and present characters that are "human".