Hey blog adventurer, I’m S. Hansen. Yeah it’s a pseudonym, pen name, nom de plume, whatever you wanna call it. So I’m really not that fussed about what you call me (S. Hansen, S, Hansen, Hans… Whatever). It’s just a name that disguises not only my real name but also my gender, nationality, race etc. I don’t feel they’re important in creating great written work so if I remove them the work can stand on it’s own.

I started this blog as somewhere to simply post my writing and hope people liked it. I had always thought of blogs as kind of like public diaries and as such they had never appealed to me all that much. But I thought it wouldn’t be so bad if all I was doing was posting my work, maybe writing a few posts on my writing habits and processes.

Now I have created a monster. I can’t stop writing… and it’s not just my books any more. I still like to keep my anonymity and hide behind my keyboard but this blog isn’t just about fiction any more. I have opened up about my struggles with depression which has been very therapeutic, some people have even said some nice things about my posts on depression, which was also very therapeutic… (I crave that feedback). What’s more is my love of literature and music (not always together and not mutually exclusive) seems to have bubbled over and into this blog.

It’s a place for me to dump all the thoughts that are flying around my head. Really what I’m saying is watch this space if you have an interest in mental health, science fiction, real space, literature, music, occasionally politics, diversity… it’s a pretty long list, I’m sure I can find something you want to talk about. Have a look.

I have sadly had to remove any content from my novel Closer To The Core since I published exclusively on Amazon. But I hope this will still be a space for the expanded universe of the 25,000 Light-Years universe.

To fill the void of regular writing updates I have recently decided it’s about damn time I saw a doctor about my depression (it’s been about eight years). So I’m going to try and chronicle what it’s like to go through therapy. I’m pretty sure I’ll be as honest as is possible so hopefully it’ll be an interesting read.

P.S. I do a writer’s music highlight every Sunday. Everything else just gets posted when I post it.