My Music Highlights – 06/08/17

The Writer’s Music Highlight

It’s back to just plain old perfect music this week, when the music is good enough there’s zero need for lyrics. So instead of presenting you with the original track I’m offering up the instrumental for Zach Hemsey’s The Way.

It’s certainly not a piece you turn to when everything is coming up roses. But it’s filled with all the anticipation, fear and tenseness you could possibly want for a bit of life threatening drama. Although as these are my music highlights I guess it’s all just my opinion really.


Musical Positivity

Not much needs to be said about this one, it pretty much speaks for itself. It’s upbeat, positive and happy. Just what your therapist ordered right?


S. Hansen


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11 thoughts on “My Music Highlights – 06/08/17

  1. How beautiful is that score – everyone involved was surely moved. So lovely, it reminds me of my true purpose and I hope it inspires and talks to you too. Pencil full of lead features in my post Songs for Beryl, which is essentially a mixtape, toe tapping goodness. What message do these songs have for you? Why these two?

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    1. Well the Zach Hemsey piece, I stu.bled upon by accident and didn’t realise until a few weeks later that there were ever any words to it. It is actually the soundtrack to a very important part of a book I’m writing. As you can imagine it’s not a happy scene but a tragic unexpected turn of events, or so I hope.
      Pencil full of lead is great at reminding me to be positive. All the little things he rattles off are all adding up to a pretty positive outlook. And of course you can’t help but Bob along to the beat.

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      1. And I’d be more than happy to share my work when it’s ready, but you might have quite a wait. I’ve written and published the first book but that particular event happens in the fifth book :/
        I have a habit of mapping out the important events so that I don’t end up with plot holes and then I end up getting excited/distracted and write a bit ahead of myself.

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      2. Writing your own stuff is a real mindf**j isn’t it?
        You come up with a good idea and then you wonder if it really was a good idea, or if someone else has already done it.
        You settle on a character and then you wonder if maybe they are dull or annoying.
        You perfectly word how to explain the scenery in your mind and then you wonder if actually it’s shut and tube described bugger all.
        Constantly second guessing yourself really.
        But keep with it, I’d love to read when you’re happy with it.

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      3. Oh def, I’m hoping uni will give me an opportunity to improve my writing skills. I already have a fair idea about my dissertation and if I’m clever enough I can turn that into a sizeable chunk – luckily I’m only writing a collection of short stories.
        This is one of the hardest things I have ever committed to yet something I cannot stop working on if I tried

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      4. Excellent.
        I found uni to be a bit crap for improving any of my skills but then that’s probably because I put very little effort in.
        Here’s hoping it’s all working like it should for you. You already sound like a harder worker than me.

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      5. Thank you so much. Uni doesn’t suit everyone but it does me. I am looking forward to seeing which direction my writing takes and if my characters and style can sustain form over longer pieces of writing

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