(13) If Lyrics Were Read As Prose

In 1970 Mungo Jerry released In The Summertime, a song he said only took him 10 minutes and a second-hand fender stratocaster to write. Which pretty much makes the guy my hero, my goal in life is to put in minimal effort and get maximum reward. He put 10 minutes work in and created a song that sold over 30 million copies, definitely what I’d call maximum reward. According to some quick research the song is the fifth best selling song of ALL time, number 1 in 18 countries.

And strangely when Shaggy did a cover of the track it didn’t do very well… except in America where it reached the same position of 3rd on the billboard charts. This already suggest that’s it wasn’t the lyrics that made it a success but let’s have a look at them.

In The Summertime Lyrics.png

S. Hansen


2 thoughts on “(13) If Lyrics Were Read As Prose

    1. Yeah it would be a pretty bold move.
      I’ve asked very politely for the single mark for clear use of language because I had no idea what the actual answer was.
      I’ve gone off on tangents and joked about my depression.
      And I’ve drawn the gradual progression of death by boredom through the medium of stickman.
      But I’ve never handed in work with dee dee dee do written in it.

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