My Music Highlights – 30/07/12

The Writer’s Music Highlight

I grew up watching Bond films a tonne. If they were on TV I’d be watching, if they weren’t on TV I’d be watching videos (for you youngsters, that’s an old timey DVD…). With retrospect I’m not totally sure what it was that fascinated me about the films, I never really cared for Sean Connery or Roger Moore. I much preferred the era of Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan.

James Bond himself is pretty unlikable, he’s a womanising, chaotic mess of an agent. I didn’t see one mission that didn’t involve copious amounts of collateral damage. And as was proved in The World Is Not Enough, all it takes is a pretty lady with half a brain to distract him so much that he has no idea what’s going on until it’s a bit too late. His one redeeming feature is the art of chiming in with the perfect pun (unless of course you’re not a fan of puns).

But what those films never failed to do was produce soundtracks that were so classically James Bond and so suavely action packed that it still sounds perfect 40 years on, even if Bond’s attitude doesn’t. And who embodies the soundtrack more than Dame Shirley Bassey? Not just because she did three of the title tracks, but because she’s the one everyone aims to emulate when they’re asked to do it… unless of course you’re Jack White and Alicia Keys, what was that mess?

But this is you’re own work, you’re not here to think James Bond. You’re here to think suave action and confidence, not emotionally distant knob head. So instead you draw inspiration from Shirley Bassey singing someone else’s lyrics…

Motion to change her name to Shirley Sassey, all those in favour say aye.

Musical Positivity

If you were to ask me, did it all begin with Ghostbusters? I wouldn’t be able to answer with much certainty. But all the same this weeks Musical Positivity track has had good vibes for me for a very long time.

I did think about using the Howard Hunstbury cover because it’s the one from the Ghostbusters soundtrack. But let’s be honest, the original is better. So get your dancing shoes and try keeping up with Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth.

S. Hansen



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