(12) If Lyrics Were Read As Prose

Back in 2011 a lot of stuff happened. The Americans killed Osama Bin Laden and obviously world peace followed now that the terrorist poster boy had been killed. Japan had some killer waves for surfing, reaching as high as 10 meters, but apparently surf isn’t popular in Japan so it was really just a massive hassle. Everyone’s favourite world leader, Kim Jong Il, sadly passed away, we’re still waiting on his sainthood…

And although the British were apparently facing some of the worst riots seen in decades they still successfully pulled off the wedding of the century. The riots also didn’t stop them from putting on a big show for the annual Brit awards. I happened to catch a little bit of the show while channel switching and the bit I saw has rather stuck with me.

James Corden, who at the time was probably not so well known in America, was hosting and he proudly announced Adele was about to perform her latest single. There was a piano and a woman with a beautiful voice. That was it, no flashy showmanship or dancers, and definitely no auto tune or lip syncing. The awards show was hosted at the O2 Arena which has a capacity of 20,000 people. And they all fell silent to listen to Adele do her thing.

At the end, James was struggling not to cry while continuing to host the show. So was it just a beautiful voice or are the lyrics worth all the acclaim?

Someone Like You Lyrics.png

S. Hansen

P.S. let’s all share our favourite moment of 2011, it was exceptional!


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