Tidying? Boo!

Growing up with four siblings meant I had to share my room with at least one of them until enough of them left home to leave a room each. But then Dad decided he wanted a man room and I was back to sharing a again.

Sharing a bedroom comes with all kinds of problems, but the biggest is probably the matter of tidying. I think some kids are just tidy kids, although I just can’t imagine any of them neatly tidying away their toys after a good half an hour of play. But we were probably pretty far down the lazy end of the tidy scale. If there was a time that lego wasn’t decorating our bedroom floor it was because playmobil toys were instead. We pretty much constantly had a miniature town set up, centred around the rug in the middle of the floor. And while this is an excellent burglar deterrent/booy trap it was not the tidiest of bedroom set ups.

On the whole our parents just left us to maintain our own bedrooms, or not as the case may have been. But every know and then there’d be a few weeks or so where they’d start a new house rule that meant they wanted us to keep our bedrooms tidier. Boo.

And being naturally lazy children who had no desire what so ever to tidy up after themselves, the younger of us needed some kind of incentive to keep our rooms tidy. The incentive was not going to come from our parents. And so began long running games that would make tidying more interesting.

K. Hansen would invariably come with an idea to persuade us to keep tidy. One week we’d be in the army, having our rooms inspected regularly and medals and ration vouchers handed out appropriately. The next week be running a hotel, checking on the maids work and being giving spa luxury vouchers as reward, my personal favourite was ‘make me a drink’.

Unfortunately I am now an adult and apparently this would be weird to continue doing. But the problem there is that I’m still lazy, I still hate tidying and I’m supposed to keep it tidy for when the estate agents decides it’s time for an inspection. Perhaps a greater misfortune is that the kind of inspection an estate agent carries out does not result in me receiving a polo and coloured paper medal. But inspect they do, so I’ve been busy tidying up. So busy I missed last nights post.

The sad news is my toys have been packed away, but the good news is my kitchen cupboards are so much better organised that cooking might actually be appealing again. It’s a shame the estate agent isn’t going to care about how well organised they are, I just figured while I was already tidying why not keep going?

But I would say my living room has slightly suffered for it. It was tidy to begin with but now I’ve had to move the rug into a not so good looking place to cover up some burn marks on the carpet…

S. Hansen


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