If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

I’m not a particularly mournful person, people die, I get over it and the world keeps moving. But today I got some pretty sad news (and before you panic, don’t worry both Betty White and Angela Lansbury are still crushing life). A friend I’ve known for so long I can’t even remember our introduction is dying… yep Paint is going to be left behind in our ever moving progression to “better” computing.

Now how will children (and adults) across the world make works of art such as this…


…that one seems Picasso worthy. The simplicity of Paint made it accessible to pretty much everyone. There’s not a single person out there who couldn’t figure out Paint all by themselves. Granted there are some people who do so much more with it than any of us ever had the time for. Take Jim’ll Paint It for example…


It was bad enough when I lost my beloved Windows Movie Maker, combine that and paint and you’ve got yourself the perfect set up for a 2d animation suite. Which I’d love to show you but I lost all mine a long time ago and since I don’t have my trust old Windows Movie Maker any more that’d be tricky…

Sure in a years time you’ll type Paint or Windows Movie Maker into your programme search and something will come up. But it just won’t be the same anymore. It’ll be “new and improved”, which is fair because I seem to remember crowds of people protesting outside Microsoft HQ demanding an update for Paint…

The good news is us stubborn folk who don’t want change have a sneaky dig our heels in ways. Jim for example still has himself a Windows XP computer, just so he can use the programmes he wants to. I’m a big fan of emulators so I can still play all those old Gameboy and Sega games. And also I’ve just tested out Paint’s upgrade (Paint 3D) and look what I made…

Not So Good A

Perhaps all is not lost.

S. Hansen


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