My Music Highlights – 23/03/17

The Writer’s Music Highlight

This week I had been thinking about doing a bit about the importance of character interactions when writing a good story. But then I got distracted by pirates… it’s easily done, they have lots of shiny things and they know how to make an entrance.

So I’ve been researching hard to find an epic piece of piratey music. The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack is a pretty good place to find good pirate music but that might have been a bit too easy. And while I’d recommend Norwegian Pirate by Two Steps From Hell, it really wouldn’t seem like I’d done much research if I used a group that I’ve already highlighted twice before…

So here’s an Icelandic guy instead, his name is Veigar Margeirsson and he’s gone the traditional route simply naming his piece Pirates.


Musical Positivity

And while I’m on the subject of pirates, I can’t think of a game that makes my soul happier than Monkey Island. So why not a bit of happy music from the game that formed my life plan… fumble through life accidentally achieving success with skill in nothing but witty retorts.

If you’ve not played the game, I strongly recommend it, you don’t really have to be a big gamer for it. Nearest I can recall there aren’t even any quick time events that panic you into choosing the wrong option.



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