(11) If Lyrics Were Read As Prose

While pop is considered cheesy and quite frankly pretty basic stuff, rap is the poetry of the less educated and metal is generally just a lot of angry shouting with no real talent. But you know me, not likely to take a genre of music at it’s stereotype. Classical music is mostly considered dull and unexciting although most would agree it takes a higher level of skill to play it.

First off the skill level can vary from genre to genre just as much as the quality of music. But this is a lyrics grading post so we’re here for lyrics. Are classical lyrics any better?

I had to get the translated version of this piece because for some pretentious reason a lot of classical music is not sung in the most widely spoken language in the world. And as you’re reading this I assume that you speak English, I cannot make the same assumption about French.

Flower Duet Lyrics

I still think it’s a beautiful piece to listen to, but damn Leo Delibes could have tried a bit more with the lyrics. It’s worth pointing out I’ve only marked half the duet here, but the other half is not very different. If anything it’s worse, the duet partner in this piece is like that dim best friend who just says what you said in a slightly different way…

S. Hansen


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