Exploring The World

I’ve always wanted one of those world maps that you can scratch countries off of. Although my concern is it’d seem a little pretentious and boastful, you might as well put a big sign above it that says ‘look how many countries I’ve been to, aren’t I sooo cultured?’

I mostly just want one because I like scratch cards but not gambling. Although you could consider choosing your holiday destination a gamble. Will you like it or will you have wasted a good chunk of your savings on a disappointing holiday? Fortunately so far my holiday gambles have all been successful. I mean I’ve only been in eight different countries… that I can currently recall. But there’s always been something pretty cool to see.

And I’ve been working my butt off, doing as much overtime as I can so I can cobble together enough money for another sweet holiday. I could just go on a budget holiday every year and have an alright time, go the traditional British route and head to ‘sunny Spain’ or one of it’s many islands, which have been so ruined by tourism that they aren’t really Spain anymore. Or I could blow a whole load of money and have freaking awesome holiday every few years, really explore a country and do all the things I want to do while I’m there.

It’s taken me a while to decide on my destination, I’m both picky and indecisive. But knowing I wanted sun, snorkelling and beauty, made it an easier choice. The sun is key because boy do I feel a whole lot happier when I’ve had some sun. It was awfully tempting just to head on back to Cuba again but then when I finally got that scratch map I wouldn’t have much to do. So I’m looking at Croatia.

I’m not really big on touristy places but I love my comfort, which is why I tend to pick an out of the way place with a good hotel. When I was studying at school I was quite keen on geography as a subject, so I followed it through for quite some way. Meaning I’ve studied enough about tourism to know the cultural dangers that lie within it. Places like Thailand, Hawaii and Mexico, are renowned for their traditional music and dance. To boost their tourism they’ll put on a show, perform dances that were traditionally for special occasions. And slowly a culture gets degraded. In Cuba I found that highly educated people worked in tourism because they got more money through tips. Tourism affects a country in little ways that amount to a lot.

I don’t like tourism but I don’t want to restrict myself and never see the world because of it. It’s a catch 22 situation.

I haven’t done anything about it yet, mostly because I still have to ask for the time off, but I know where I want to go, for how long and how much I’m going to enjoy the break. So far all I know about Croatia is that it’s a beautiful country with better wi-fi than Cuba. Let’s see how much I know once I’ve been there.

I’m pretty excited because the hotel I want to go to apparently has some underwater Roman ruins nearby that I definitely plan on exploring.

S. Hansen


13 thoughts on “Exploring The World

  1. How fabulous! I go to the same place each year as it’s helping me in a small way, I hope to become excited about travelling again in the future (maybe when I am no longer solo) I would love to go to the Middle East or perhaps Canada

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    1. There’s a certain comfort in going to places you know. It takes a lot of the stress out of planning your holiday as well.
      The Middle East and Canada are two very different locales :p reminds of this programme I watched that had this 7 year old kid. And they asked him what he’d like to be when he grew up and he said ‘Well I’d like to be an astronaut, but if I can’t do that I’d like to be a bus driver.’
      What intrigues you about those places?

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      1. I was that kid. The Middle East is full of wondrous beauties for me to behold whilst Canada (in parts) is stark, lonely and expansive.
        The Middle East is more probable. I’d like to do a two month tour around someday, visit monoliths and ancient structures, see all the stars, feel connected to the universe

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    1. Oh I’m not a big fan of the deep sea. It’s not like a top fear for me, more like a healthy respect for all the ways it could kill me…
      I’ll mostly be sticking to snorkelling, especially as my travelling companion gets a kind claustrophobia when underwater.

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      1. The photos/billboards of Christ of the Abyss scared me so much as I drove down to Florida keys my partner had to shout out a code word so I could cover my eyes … it was a long drive to say the least! I’m not sure if its wreck diving or just deep sea that I’m petrified of … or why??

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      2. It is kind of creepy.
        I’m mostly concerned about the fact that we have more of the surface of Mars mapped out than we doe the sea floor. I just can’t be sure what’s down there. That and the pressure hurts my ears.

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