A Mixed Bag Of News

I don’t know how all the other daily(ish) bloggers decide upon a blog topic every day. But as a too lazy to plan anything kind of person I just hope I’m struck by inspiration at some point during the day. If I’m not I’ll seek out inspiration and sometimes come away no better off. My first port of call is usually the news, not because I particularly want to talk about the news but because it has pictures. And since I’m saving my blog post on The Very Hungry Caterpillar for a special occasion it’s my best source of pictures.

Today though there was only one good picture, and I’ll come to that later. So I had to read enough of the news stories to know what was going on, it’s best not to read too much news story detail because it’s pretty depressing stuff most of the time.

It definitely seems to be a good week for feminism. Doctor Who finally got a female Doctor, and because I didn’t read the full story I only have an inkling about what some less forward thinking people might have had to say on that topic. Also the Jane Austen £10 note has been unveiled although I swear I’ve seen it before… I did a bit of research and there have only been two women on British bank notes previously (Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Fry).

But while equal rights is making some tentative steps in the right direction, 21st century technology was aptly summed up in one picture and headline today.

“Robot ‘drowns’ in fountain mishap”

Image result for robot drowns

Yeah, that seems about right. Science fiction films like Back To The Future promised us hoverboards, flying cars and a lot of figure hugging clothing by now. Instead we’ve got security robots that are foiled by stationary bodies of water and steps. But who knows maybe this piece of technology is more advanced than I’m giving it credit for, maybe it developed sentience, looked around and purposefully drove itself into that fountain. We just don’t know.

I’m still hopping for my robot butler/best friend to be invented, if there are any inventors out there I’d like to make some suggestions. An unhealthy obsession with booze, cigars and hookers. Loves money. Good at bending things. Dark sense of humour. Looks like this…

Image result for bender

S. Hansen

P.S. Happy 200 years since you died day to Jane Austen… Why is this celebrated? Wouldn’t Birthday be better?


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