My Music Highlights – 16/07/2017

The Writer’s Music Highlight

Back in January I did a post called Covering Music and I got to have some fun on the subject of cover tracks. Today I thought I’d revisit the idea but stick to just one track. Blue Monday was the beginning of a new era of music because it used the most up to date instruments you could get your hands on. It being the 80’s, this meant a lot of synth. But the tracks still appeals to a large audience today. It’s been mashed up  and genre warped more times than I can be bothered to count.

And sometimes with writing inspiration it’s all about finding the right version more than the right song. Let’s pretend you’re going for a 1930’s vibe to your work… well I’ve got just the ticket for you fella.


Musical Positivity

While we are back in the 30’s we might as well make the little lindy hop to the 20’s. I really wish I had a proper old timey car to drive down my street blaring out this tune with. That’d show those knobs who keep driving past in the middle of the night with ridiculous exhausts and shitty drum & bass playing.

The best thing about the Charleston, the lindy hop or similar such dances though, is imagining those prudish Victorian faces watching the young flappers swinging their legs all around…

S. Hansen



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