(10) If Lyrics Were Read As Prose

The Spice Girls idea seemed a popular one but it left me with the difficult task of choosing which one. I’ve learned a few things from researching the lyrics. Firstly they’re saying ‘Slam your body and wind it all around’ not ‘sunny wunny down the wine is all around’. I’m pretty sure that every kid I went to school with made that mistake though so I don’t feel too embarrassed, but then again their grasp of the English language wasn’t fantastic…

Secondly I’m pretty sure Baby Spice was telling us to use condoms when she said ‘Be a little bit wiser baby, put it on, put it on’. As their strongest fan base was in pre teens I have to say this could be considered a little weird, or it could be considered better sex education than most Americans get.

Thirdly, if you watch the video for Say You’ll Be There, you’ll remember that the Spice Girls did it before Taylor Swift did Bad Blood. And they didn’t need half of Hollywood to show up, they just rocked up in clothes they probably already had and performed some questionable combat moves.

And thanks to Viva Forever I now know that the Spanish for ‘ See you tomorrow’ is Hasta Manana. Although to be fair I think I could also have learned that from Abba, so who’s the real trend setter here?

Anyway, onto the lyrics marking.

Stop Lyrics

Who should be in the firing line next week?

S. Hansen

Can we agree that Posh Spice is a little less eloquent but also a little less scary than Ginger Spice?


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