My Music Highlights – 09/07/17

Writer’s Music Highlight

Is there a musical and dance form more expressive of passion and rivalry than the tango? Maybe the Paso Doble… So dances with Spanish heritage are passionate, lots of new information today…

Anyway, the Tango! It’s passion, romance,, seduction, drama, fire, hate and jealousy. It’s full on. There are no half measures in the tango. Which makes it’s music perfect for inspiring some great writing.

Chicago had The Cell Block Tango, Moulin Rouge had Tango de Roxanne, and Frida had Canta Paloma Negra. There are obviously more but you didn’t come here for a list of movie tangos.

Kudos if you know which film nicked this Spanish folk song for their tango scene.

Musical Postivity

So by now you should be well aware that not only do I seriously appreciate music but also the real skill that some musicians are able to display. When an instrument is played by someone who has poured their life into mastering music it’s far more than just playing a bit of music.

And a few years ago I happened to stumble across two such musicians. This was an unusual day though because instead of leaving youtube on autoplay and discovering new music that way I actually left the house. It’s not really that uncommon to come across buskers when you live in a city, especially in the city centre. But it is uncommon to come across two guys playing two guitars quite this well. So impressed was I that I bought their CD, I would have rather bought their cassette tape but they said they were all out…

Anyways, I stumble across The Showhawk Duo, now I need to present them to you and choose a track. Well if you were clubbing in the 90s you’ll love this. And if you were a teenager in the 90s you’ll probably also love it, because I feel like everyone went through that phase of loving dance music and wanting the latest Ministry of Sound album. Mostly we grew out of it, those that didn’t now love Drum & Bass and drive cars with overly large exhausts and spoilers that do nothing because the cars just don’t go that fast…

Here’s The Anthem.

S. Hansen


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