(9) If Lyrics Were Read As Prose

After last week’s Sticks In My Bun I’m not sure if I shouldn’t perhaps instead be trying to find some great piece of lyrical art. But I’m dipping my toe in the pool of boybands. It’s not an area of music I’m particularly familiar with, I put all my eggs in one basket in the 90’s and now if I’m going to listen to music sung by all one gender I’ll listen to some Spice… Saw a guy today wearing a Spice Girls t-shirt, and I’m currently wondering if I’m jealous enough to go buy one… I think it might really spice up my life.

Anyway back to boybands. Of course I know the names of some, I think I could even correctly identify some Take That songs (because they all sound the same…). But when they play just about any other boy band I’ll just guess One Direction because I’m probably right 50% of the time right? I’m not sure I want to ruin my current not depressed mood by taking a look at a One Direction song though so it’ll probably be safest if I delve back into the wealth of boybands in the 90’s.


Bye Bye Bye Lyrics.png

I think N-Sync have probably faired better than some other boybands would. But I’ve got to say I though they’d do better considering how popular they were/are.

S. Hansen

P.S. Do I dare put Spice Girls to the test next week?


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