My Sweet Ride

When I was a kiddo I had the coolest tricycle in town. That’s actually an unconfirmed statement, I did not get an opportunity to take it to the local tricycle meet and prove it. But it had a bucket sort of set up on the back for me to keep all my shiny rocks in and the speeds I got up to free wheeling down the hill were probably in excess of 100mph.

So clearly my life was suh-wait for it-weet! Except as much as I loved my tricycle I had my eye on something better. I desperately wanted one of those electric powered cars especially designed for kids. I tried to convince my mum to get me one, I knew there was no point even trying with my dad, that would have been a non starter. I felt like I put forward some preeeetty good arguments for why I should have one.

  1. I wouldn’t need a lift to school anymore because I’d obviously be able to drive myself.
  2. I’d stop asking for one if I had one.
  3. It would be loads of fun for me.
  4. And I wouldn’t need a lift to school anymore…

Yeah, I mostly only had one reason and with the benefit of hindsight I can see now why my mum might not have been comfortable letting me drive a tiny electric powered car on the roads in order to get to school. But I wanted one badly enough that somehow I was able to convince my mum to let me pay extortionate phone rates to enter a competition to win one.

Before you get your hopes up as high as I did, I didn’t win. It probably would have been devastating if they’d sent a letter stating I hadn’t won but there was nothing. So I always had that hope that one would just magically show up one day with a big ribbon on it and a label that said ‘To our competition winner S. Hansen!’

So I had a sweet ride but I wanted something better. Who hasn’t been there before? The grass is apparently always greener somewhere else, though I wonder what car I’d want if someone gave me an Aston Martin Vantage…

Today I am what I’ve been waiting for, for a very long time. I am not morose, glum, blue, sad, whatever you want to call it. And I always figured that once I wasn’t sad any more that would mean I’d be happy right?


Now I’m just sorta nothing. So I’ve got that sweet not sad tricycle and now I want the super fun exciting happy electric powered car. What a kafuffle.

S. Hansen


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