My Music Highlights – 02/07/17

Writer’s Music Highlight

Whether you’re excited by music like me or not you’ve probably noticed that all those crappy reality tv shows (if you enjoy them, I’m sure they’re very good…) like to build drama with music. Whether it’s the suspense music while they stand their for five minutes waiting for the presenter to announce the winner, or it’s an add for some people performing some underwhelming magic. They’ll use some music to make it more dramatic than it actually is.

While I don’t condone this despicable behaviour (probably hyperbolic) it does mean that some of my favourite pieces of music end up on even the crappiest of television. Take for example The Apprentice, it’s theme tune is literally a suite from a ballet. Romeo and Juliet to be precise.

This weeks creatively marvellous piece is another example of this. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this bombastically dramatic and sombre piece of classical music on an advert for Britain’s Got Talent…

Hopefully the mood the tv show people are trying to get across can help you get creative with your writing.

Musical Positivity

Now if the reaction of my colleagues to this song is anything to go by, this is a song that just makes people want to sing along. It’s not a song you expect a supermarket of staff to be singing at three o’clock in the morning while completely sober, and yet it happened.

Whether it’s the infectious soul of Etta James or the foot tapping beat, I can’t say but it seemed to be a hit in the middle of the night. So I’m hoping it can be your good mood song of the week.

S. Hansen


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