The Bus Stop People (2)

Just a quick post tonight, my brother is getting married tomorrow so I’m hurriedly putting together the next few blog posts for while I’m away. This’ll be the first time the entire Hansen clan has been together in one place for a few years, so I’m not sure whether to be excited or to bring popcorn for when the drama starts…

Anywho here’s some more bus stop folk.

The Amy Winehouse Hobo

She’s taken over the cold stone shelter perched under the sprawling tree. Her life’s belongings strewn in untidy heaps around her. Most mornings I never see anything but a huge matt of black hair poking out the top of a grimy blanket. But this morning is different. She’s just waking up to another gruelling day on the streets, arms and mouth stretching wide as she yawns away the night. She hasn’t got many teeth left on display but those that she does have are black and yellow. Maybe she doesn’t own a hair brush but she hasn’t given up yet, today I can see that bright red bow perched on the piled up tangle of jet black hair. She’s worn down, haggard and homeless. But that little red bow tells me she’s still fighting.

S. Hansen


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