Kids Are Dumb, Yet Strangely Amusing

I’m absolutely shattered, so shattered in fact that I initially wrote ‘shatted’ which sounds like a word that could also work. I’m on day 9 of 10 in my bid to work every day and earn nearly as much as I would in a month. I now know why weekends were invented.

The past few days have been pretty basic for me, work, sleep, eat, nap, repeat. So apologies but this will not be my most creative blog post…

But as my mood has been better lately I didn’t want to let it sink while my eye was off the ball. I’ve been reading a little bit and laughing at children failing. I was sent a link to a compilation video of vines that featured kids. My instinct reaction was to ignore it, children are pretty annoying, especially when you work in a supermarket. You’d think me working nights would mean I avoid children, but no.

Anyway I didn’t ignore the video, I started watching and was a underwhelmed. That was until I hit the 2:50 mark. Once that little kid cracked me up I couldn’t really stop laughing… The kid is a comic genius.

The honesty of kids is refreshingly entertaining and at the same time their complete inability to lie is I suppose somewhat smile inducing.

So imagine an incredibly tired person hiding under the blanket laughing at this one kids unintentional joke and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what my day has been like.

Also for the blog cross over funness anyone who has read Paul ‘Mindfump’ Green’s blog post #141 Cavalier will no doubt be pleased to see some early footage of Paul at the 12:39 mark…

I’m going for another nap now.

S. Hansen


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