My Music Highlights – 25/06/17

Writer’s Music Highlight

Last week I brought you a Marble Machine, a musical machine that was not only brought to life but works. This week I’m bringing you a musical machine that at the moment only exists in theory… I’m not totally sure it would work if it did exist, seems to me like there are too many overlapping strings. But either way it’s a nicely put together piece of music that will hopefully serve you as a writer in some capacity.


Musical Positivity

So this week I’ve finally remembered a song that I’ve meaning to get on here for a while now. I’ve spent a little while listening to all the different songs of the same name, and there are quite a few, before settling on Labrinth’s. He had to fight off the likes of Madonna, MWA, S.O.U.L. and the trend setter himself Charles Wright. Most of them are variants of Charles’ song, Madonna just does her own thing… and by that I mean she calls her song ‘Express Yourself’ and proceeds to sing about how ‘he’ needs to ‘express himself’…

While I’m not sure that smashing through the door and air drumming is the best way to makes friends or keep your repair bills down, if that’s what you gotta do to express yourself I guess you gotta do you. And that lady is cutting onions all wrong, cut the root off last lady.

My only gripe is that maybe encouraging people to express themselves with guns is not the best idea in the world… it hasn’t exactly gone well previously.

Otherwise, Express Yourselves!

S. Hansen


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