(7) If Song Lyrics Were Read As Prose

Since I’m back in my flat and I have no excuse other than being totally exhausted from all the over time I’ve been pulling at work, it’s time for me to get back to marking other people’s “hard” work.

And I had planned to come back with a bang by marking the lyrics of a song  I not so long ago confessed was probably my favourite. I thought, I’d prove that I’m not totally biased when it comes to marking. Unfortunately I failed because quite frankly although I listen to the lyrics when I listen to the song, seeing them written down impressed me once again.

I was expecting to have a lot more to mark down to be honest, but maybe that’s exactly why this is in all likelihood my favourite song…

Addicted To You Lyrics.png

I did drop the repeated final chorus, but I even allowed Carly Rae Jepsen and Magic! that courtesy so I don’t think I was cheating.

S. Hansen


4 thoughts on “(7) If Song Lyrics Were Read As Prose

    1. I just replied, but I have a feeling it didn’t post.
      Long and short of it was, the images are loading for me on my phone. But I’ll look into it when I get home from work. I wouldn’t want to deprive my bestie of my marking talents…

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