My Music Highlights – 18/06/17

Writer’s Music Highlight

I’m sure you’ve been worrying all week as to whether or not I would remember the great idea the I forgot last week. And for that mental trauma I can only apologise… But some relief should come with the knowledge that yes, I did remember.

The production of the music itself in this piece is just as inspirational (in the writing sense) as the music. Both the video and the music seem to work in perfect tandem to spark the imagination. Trust the Swedes to provide us with something that looks like about five pieces would be missing when you bought the kit, but it’s really cool so you have to buy it anyway.


Musical Positivity

I don’t know about you guys but for me driving is a happy experience. Sure when I’m trying to grind my way through the city it usually just aggravates me because you come to the conclusion that everyone else is a moron. But I mean proper driving, a long stretch of road that lets you really pick up some speed. I love going on long journeys because I get to drive on those kinds of roads.

But what good is a long drive without the perfect driving music. So for my happy music this week I’ve been struggling to decide on the perfect, epitome of driving music. This is what I’ve come up with, but I’m willing to accept I might have gotten it wrong because it was a tough one. I mean I’ll happily drive around to Nina Simone, or The Race is a nice choice. But there’s something special about driving to rock ‘n’ roll right?

S. Hansen


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3 thoughts on “My Music Highlights – 18/06/17

  1. When I saw the screen shot from Wild At Heart, I fully expected you to choose Wicked Game by Chris Isaak or Nic Cage’s rendition of “Love Me”, but I like your choices anyway. I enjoy a good road trip, too, but I try my damndest to avoid cruising through the town of Big Tuna, TX.

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    1. Wicked Game is an exceptional song. Though I really just chose that gif because it’s hard finding a good one of people driving to music… because gifs are silent :p
      I also didn’t want to use one of Wayne’s World because rather controversially I don’t like Bohemian Rhapsody.

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