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Science is apparently an absolute. The answer is either correct or it is incorrect. The outcome of an experiment is not subjective and a theory must be formed with some prior evidence in mind. Or so scientists would like us to believe.

I’m primarily an arts student I suppose, as my main area of study and interest is literature. The arts are subjective, not everyone is going to agree on Picasso’s work and not everyone is going to think Wilfred Owen was a poet worthy of praise. If you put forward a convincing enough argument then no one can really say your are wrong. Every get’s that about the arts and everyone accepts that.

But with science you expect one clear answer or two viable possibilities for an experiment that is yet to be carried out. So colour me confused when I googled ‘how many muscles are in the human body’. There are apparently anywhere between 640 and 850 muscles in your body. That’s quite a range of numbers, 210 to be precise.

Apparently there’s no exact number of muscles in the body because there are “differing opinions” on what constitutes a distinct muscle. To be honest I only googled it so I could tell you exactly how many muscles were aching after spending the day building and rearranging furniture. Now all I can say is that somewhere between 640 and 850 muscles are aching within my body right now…

And then after a little bit more reading I found out that the 640-850 figure only applies to skeletal muscles. Which I assume are muscles  attached to the skeleton. It’s also possible that every hair follicle and every blood capillary in your body has it’s own individual muscle. If that’s the case, we’re looking at millions.

I was probably exaggerating about how many muscles ached in the first place, but now I’m thinking it would be a real stretch to say that every muscle in my body ached. However, no matter how many muscles it is that do ache, it was worth it. My lounge looks delightful, I’m thinking about a career in interior design. And I only had one slight mishap with me flat pack furniture building.

So the bottom of the draw on the TV stand is upside down, but the coffee table is immaculate and I’m now enjoying the fruits of my labour. I have a comfy living room that suits me. What could be better for giving a person a bit of a mood boost?

S. Hansen


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