The Things I Learned Today

Today was an unusual day for me. I worked a 9 to 5 shift. No working through the night, no having a meal at 2am and no working alone on my department. This is the first time I’ve worked like the average person in a little over 2 and a half years and I’ve learned some things today.

One, I like working at night. There are a number of benefits to working at night time. It can be easy to forget them when you only work nights. It’s very easy to focus on the fact that working nights mean your sleeping pattern is screwed up, your eating schedule is screwed up and making social arrangements is very tricky. But working the 9 to 5 today has reminded me that during the day there are children crying everywhere… it was like a constant white noise, something I don’t find soothing. Also traffic either side of that shift pattern sucks. Though the biggest problem I have with the day shift is having far too many colleagues and bosses around. We all know I’m lazy by now, I get my work done but I do it my way. My way usually involves taking a lot of breaks…

Unfortunately, another thing I learned today was that a regular person sleeping pattern agrees with me far more than my usual one. I was in a surprisingly good mood today. I even talked to absolute strangers by choice. I was approachable and friendly to customers (I normally am, but it was easier today). Though I still wouldn’t say I was social, I spent about 6 hours partnered up with another colleague and the only things I now know about him I learned because he was talking to someone else. A regular sleep pattern does not suddenly make me social but it did seem to boost my mood somewhat.

The third thing I learned today is that aquaplaning is no joke. It’s been pretty rainy all today and yesterday so the roads are pretty wet. But I was not expecting to slide the wrong way as I slowed for a roundabout. Fortunately by that point in my journey I’d ditched the traffic and I got the car under control enough to avoid any damage to anything. It’s still terrifying to suddenly lose control of a moving vehicle though, so that wasn’t all that much fun.

Aquaplaning actually feels a little bit like depression, only sped up. You don’t totally realise what’s happening until you notice that steering in the right direction is just not happening for you. Once you do see it coming your instinct reaction is to stop the movement. You don’t want to head further into depression. But the brakes are not working for you at this point, you’re kinda fecked. You’re just left wondering whether you are going to make it out alive or not.

I learned three whole things today. Impressive.

S. Hansen


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