My Music Highlights – 04/06/17

The Writer’s Music Highlight

As an avid gamer I come across a fair amount of original soundtrack music in my travels across the many fictional worlds of the gaming industry. Some of it good, some of it less so. Just in case there are any important game developers reading, a great soundtrack won’t make your game great but it is one of the elements that will.

If I recall I have previously featured a track from the Mass Effect universe and I have some vague recollections of Monkey Island but not sure about that one, but hopefully proved that game soundtracks are a great source for writing inspiration. Today I’m pulling from a very different kind of game, but one that is still just as good. The witty puzzler, Portal. Soundtracks are maybe most important in puzzle games, because there’s a very good chance you’re going to spend a good amount of time stood around wondering what the heck you are supposed to be doing. Standing around usually means a lot of listening to the games soundtrack while you try not to pull your hair out making you’re way through the developer’s logic trap. This is true of some puzzlers more than others…

This one little track has actually been a massive source of inspiration for me. Almost an entire alien race was created thanks to this one track from the guys and gals behind Portal. Hopefully you other writers will find it as inspirationally helpful as I have.

Some other gaming fans obviously liked it because I’ve stumbled across a few genre remixes of this track, including a heavy metal one.


Musical Positivity

Every now and then at work I’m all alone on my department and the perfect song comes onto the radio. These two things can happen pretty regularly independently of each other. But for them to occur together is ace. As someone who couldn’t hold the right note even if some kind of musical note desperate madman waved a rusty chainsaw in my face, I try and save singing to times when I am in my car or at home. I would otherwise probably be arrested for breaking one or other of the rules set out in the Geneva convention…

But working nights, in a department twenty times the size of my flat makes it more likely I’ll merrily sing to myself, all be it a little muted because there still aren’t any walls. I’m really in my element when Eliza Doolittle’s Skinny Genes comes on because I will whistle the shit outta that song. In fact any song that involves whistling is the best to get me a bit more excited about the fact I’m at work.

But Skinny Genes perhaps doesn’t have the best happy lyrics, it is a little vapid? after all. So in it’s stead I present this weeks happy song.

S. Hansen


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