Score One For Feminism

Yesterday I made a public appearance. Which is less impressive when you take it literally, I appeared in public, I did not stand in front of a crowd and make a speech or anything. I just appeared in public. Because yesterday I decided to go see Wonder Woman.

Being a bit of a comic fan and a fan of all things cheesy I’ve been disappointed of late by the direction DC had taken with their film franchises. But Wonder Woman promised to do better. And it did. It was serious when it needed to be, funny when the mood needed lifting (which is remarkable for DC because I don’t if you’ve watched Batman lately but that shit is dark, gritty and a whole lot of not funny) and Wonder Woman was the heroine that girls and women deserved.

When/If you watch the film you’ll know the irony of me using the word deserve there. But until then just know that the film tackled a few problems I have with humanity, one of them being whether they are worthy of salvation. And I really appreciated that.

Wonder Woman is the almost perfect (nothing is perfect) film to represent feminism. It shows women with strength and power, without ignoring the world’s past views of women. Ignoring that would be a disservice to the women that fought for equality in the past and those that still do.

But there’s something that really struck me as I sat in the cinema for a 15:15 screening of the film. Advertisers aren’t too bright. Why did Jaguar pay to advertise their latest sports car to the kinds of people that aren’t working on a Thursday afternoon? We can’t afford a new car, much less a Jaguar…

Why did the cinema chain I was sat in think it needed to waste valuable advertising time advertising their own cinema chain? I’m sat in one of their cinemas, I know it exists and is convenient for me, you’re preaching to the choir at this point…

Why run 30 full minutes of advertising? After 10 I’m bored and playing on my phone again. And that’s me being generous. I don’t pay to watch adverts so I don’t watch them for long. If you want to convince the average, short attention spanned, modern man or woman to buy anything, it’s gotta be short, snappy and interesting.

I’m no marketing genius, clearly or I’d have a much better paid job, but these seem like pretty obvious steps in the advertising game. I don’t know where I’m going with this not particularly profound insight. I’ve slept for 9 hours today and could happily go for another nap.

Anywho, instead of taking a nap, I have to go to work. So I don’t think inspiration is about to hit and make this blog post work out any better.

S. Hansen


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