My Music Highlights – 28/05/17

I’ve taken advantage of the bank holiday weekend in the UK to lay my mattress down on the very dusty floor of what will hopefully one day soon be called my lounge again. No builders means I can get some sleep on a mattress! Hurrah.

However this doesn’t change the fact that I still don’t have my usual computer set up to do the lyrics marking. Add to that the fact I’m having great difficulty sleeping despite working more than usual and you have a laziness that perpetuates the absence of those posts on my blog. But I’m never without music so without further ado here’s the highlights.

The Writer’s Music Highlight

I featured Lindsey Stirling pretty early on in these musical highlights. She’s a really great artist to listen to when I’m writing, and since then she’s released another album so I feel as though I’m within my rights to give her another shout out.

I may be biased by the fact that I adore the violin, I honestly wake up every day a little bit sad I can’t play the violin myself. So I’ll just have to rely on the Violindseys…

Clearly this one’s a bit of a modern kind of sound, so it’s creative inspiration will hopefully help with a modern setting.

And simply because I’m loving Lindsey’s work right now I’ll throw in another one. It’s from her previous album and it’s got a different feel to it than Prism. It’s much more of a kind of fantasy drama sort of feel. I often find watching the music videos that Lindsey and her team put together similarly inspirational too because they use her dance ability so well. The beautiful movements help to conjure those perfect motions in my writing, or at least I hope they do…

Musical Positivity

Although I obviously like all the music I highlight in these blog posts I guess I don’t really talk much about my favourite tracks. The kind of music I listen to on a daily basis when I’m not writing or trying to perk my mood. There’s something about sharing your music taste that seems very personal. It’s a way of letting people in but it also opens yourself up to judgement.

My music taste as you may have guessed can be very eclectic at times, ranging from classical to rap. And I love music so much my library is probably substantially larger than the average persons. Narrowing down my favourite song of all of them is near impossible. But there is one song that I never skip, one song that I could listen to on repeat all day and I would still love it. I know because I have done almost exactly that before.

Ordinarily when I find a song I love I will listen to it a lot for a few weeks before I’m ready to start skipping it when I’m not in the mood for it. But no matter what I’m doing I always love this track. And I smile every time it plays on the radio at work. After this build up you’re probably expecting something astounding but it may well just be my personal preference…

I only have one problem with this song, well actually it’s a problem with the music video. Why does this lesbian couple surround themselves with naked dudes at 01:28? They seem pretty into each other, what’s the reason for the naked guys?

S. Hansen


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5 thoughts on “My Music Highlights – 28/05/17

  1. I Loooooooove Lindsey Stirling and very happy to know you enjoy her talents too! I saw her at the Shepard Bush Empire a few years back and I adore her dancing and stage presence. This new track is sooo me but oh! the faraway, dreamy, otherworldly stuff … so-so me! Thank you for sharing

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