The Fifteen Minute Shuffle

Right so I forgot to write my blog post for today and now I’m at work and don’t have time to sit down and write it. Which is a real shame because I actually was going to astound with rocks and space knowledge…

Anywho, I have a fifteen minute break with which to put together a presentable post. And I’m writing it on my phone which I think hates me so there will be a number of auto-correct issues.

There’s no way I can do those rocks and space justice. And instead of thinking about what I could write about I’ve spent the first two hours of my shift wondering what on Earth could have happened to the colleague that is supposed Tobe working with me tonight. If I’m being honest I just don’t think they are going to make it tonight…

Today I did very little. So to make up for it I sat around with A Hansen and helped them work out some possible first dance song for their wedding. Some of my suggestions may have been less serious than others… But really who doesn’t want there first dance to be to the upbeat sounds of Dolly Parton?

I can’t say that at the end of it we settled on anything in particular and even once their partner joined in we didn’t get much further. This is perhaps because even after fourteen years together the importance of that first dance as a married couple hasn’t lessened.

I’m no expert on marriage, at least I don’t think I am. I’ve never been married and what I’ve seen of my parents marriage compared to TV marriages has been very confusing. But what I can say is that no matter how much we lose faith in religion our faith in love remains steadfast. It’s not a religious ceremony anymore. It’s a commitment to someone that your going to be the person they can rely on through thick and thin.

In theory… divorce is also on the up too. So that’s awkward.

S. Hansen


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