Get Out The Way

Ladies, gentlemen and all those in between, it has happened. The Earth shattering event to change the course of the world has occurred. You best sit yourself down for this announcement.

I wrote 300 words today…

*Hold for applause*

Yeah, I know. So clearly I’ve gotten stuck right on into my writing and it’s been flowing freely to write that much in such a short amount of time…

Sarcasm is my friend okay? I know 300 words isn’t a lot. But it’s 300 more than I’ve achieved on any day in the recent past. So the sequel to Closer To The Core is beginning to take shape. I’ve actually made it as far as the second chapter now. Here’s a quote that’ll probably still be there in the final piece.

‘Oh woah, woah, woah. We do not throw pots and pans at the local law enforcement.’

I’ll leave you guessing as to who said that, when, where and why. But it did get me thinking about respect for emergency services.

Not so very long ago I was driving along as you do, minding my own business. And way up ahead there was an ambulance waiting to turn out of a junction. I guess it wasn’t in a hurry to get anywhere because the sirens were not on. But on instinct I stopped, somewhat unnecessarily because there was no one behind me, and let them out. As far as my driving auto pilot is concerned all emergency service vehicles get right of way whether they are headed somewhere of importance or not.

Although… I do probably drive a bit differently around police cars than ambulances and fire engines… For example, I don’t break the speed limit around police cars. I can’t imagine why.

But isn’t it pretty cool to think that no matter how crappy a society we have created, no matter how disappointing humanity can be, we have banded together and decided that as soon as those lights start flashing we are going to get out the way and let them past. No matter what service that blue light is representing we know that there job is so important we don’t want to be a hindrance.

Imagine the chaos if that weren’t the case. The number of times the services just couldn’t get there in time.

It’s nice to know that despite an inherent selfishness in humanity we can think outside ourselves enough to know that our actions in that instant can help or hinder their work. We could stay in the way because we’ve got places to be too, or we could move out the way and let them get to the crime scene, accident, fire etc. And we, without thought actually do the selfless thing.

I know that there’s probably some legal reasoning behind it too but mostly we just want to let them get past for moral reasons, right?

Been think about Ludacris – Move B**ch the whole time I’ve been writing this… Also I just found a gif to demonstrate why you should get out the way… It’s the featured image now.

S. Hansen

P.S. I also picked out a new TV stand, so I’ve pretty much done it all today. 300 words and making a decision… I am amazing.


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