When I’m feeling particularly low everything can get a bit stale. Suddenly I lose interest in my favourite TV shows, books and games. They just get a bit less exciting, they all seem so stale and been there, done that.  Even my favourite foods get a bit bland and stale.

The world looks a bit stale. The colours are muted and it’s hard to see what’s interesting about it. What is normally wonderfully magical is sadly just life. The world teeming with life and biological wonders is just matter of fact. The good deeds of the rare helpful and kind individuals are suddenly just sort of well anyone could have done that.

What’s more, when I look around and see all this staleness it’s even harder to find any motivation to do anything. So the contents of my fridge goes stale, my bed sheets go stale shortly before they reach the point of desperately needing to be changed. My whole environment goes stale.

This is of no help when attempting to get out of a depressive funk. So eventually I reach a limit. Today I reached a limit. I woke up from an afternoon nap waaaayy too hot. I’m definitely not well. The bed sheets were damp with sweat, gross I know, this has only ever happened to me once before.

If things were really bad I suppose I would have just thrown the blanket off, cooled down and continued on in staleness.

But I didn’t. Hooray!

I hopped up, jumped in the shower and changed my bed sheets. It wasn’t quite as easy as that because I’m still not actually in my own house right now. My clean bed sheets are currently still at my flat in a cupboard that is blocked off by my deconstructed bed. So after driving over there, realising I forgot my house keys and giving up on that I went and bought brand new sheets.

Some freshness for my stale world. I’m still going to have to go to work tonight and do an incredibly monotonous job. I’m still going to have to go to sleep on and incredibly uncomfortable sofa that is wrecking my back and left shoulder. And there’s nothing I can do about the funky smelling fridge here… because it’s not my fridge.

But a shower and clean sheets is a great boost.

S. Hansen

P.S. This post had me thinking about Eels – Fresh Feeling. Which for a while was an exceptionally good alarm song to wake up to.


5 thoughts on “Stale

    1. I had intended to get stuck into my own writing while I had nothing better to do. But I’ve spent the last week rolling around doing nothing much at all. Perhaps I’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to write too!

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