My Music Highlights – 21/05/17

So keeping up with my blog while not in my own place is proving harder than I thought it would. In fact I think we could go as far as to say I’ve been doing a pretty crap job of it. I’ll definitely have to put the lyrics marking on hold until I’m back home again because it’s just too faffy sorting it out on my laptop. But I don’t have much of an excuse for the rest. I’m just tired and feeling a little awkward in someone else’s place. So I nap a lot… I do a bit of reading too but mostly it’s napping.

Any who I should at least manage to keep up with the music highlights.

The Writer’s Music Highlight

I’m not always about classical pieces or instrumental pieces when I’m writing. You might have noticed. Sometimes the songs have lyrics that really add emphasis to what I’m trying to write. But in this case the lyrics almost drown to nothingness. They are inconsequential. It’s the music that gets my mind going and the singing is like another instrument with no lyrical value to me.

It’s a song that also makes it onto my night time driving play list. Though I’m not totally sure I know exactly why it has to be night time driving, but it does. The feel of momentum in this track is obvious I hope.

Musical Positivity

After about a decade of musicians singing about the joys of single life, tragic break ups and wandering eyes, it’s pretty nice to notice that the recent trend has been to sing about fidelity. Omi had Cheerleader, which despite his slightly strange singing voice made me happy. I have to say I’m a bit of a traditional romantic, I really root for relationships to pull through. So this weeks musical positivity comes from Andy Grammer.

S. Hansen


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