Winging It

I’m currently trying to figure out if I’m ill. I know I’m mentally ill. But am I also physically ill? I’ve been sleeping and or just rolling around in bed for the past couple of days. Simply too exhausted to do anything. And I keep overheating. Not just getting a bit too hot, no I’m at the point of stripping down to my undies which is awkward when you aren’t in your own home… So I try to refrain.

I did read somewhere that there’s such a thing that people refer to as citalopram sweats… lovely. And as the overheating is a relatively new thing for me as is the medication I’m wondering if there’s a link. Because other than the exhaustion and the overheating I think I’m fine. Are they both just side effects of my mental health?

Who knows, and probably, who cares?

It has meant though that I have very little blog worthy news and or events to talk to you about. So let’s go back to my university days…

My educational life has been a series of important life altering events that I have wisely decided to prepare for in no way and completely wing. I put it down to an educational system that didn’t push me to work harder early on… or at any point really… leading to some very bad study habits. For example I have only once revised for an exam. I guess I could have but I’m easily distracted by more interesting things. And until university I didn’t really feel like I needed to. Before that I was collecting up As and Bs without any real effort. And to be honest I don’t care enough about the grading system to be disappointed with Bs like some people are.

But then came university. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone to learn that I chose to study English Literature. Which suited my lazy studying style perfectly. It’s a subject of bullshitting your point and backing it up with a tenuous bit of evidence through quotes. Perfect. As long as I’ve read the texts I’ll be set right?

Wrong on two counts there, in a way. Firstly placing quotes into an exam answer means you need to have actually memorised some quotes. Secondly, you still have to have read the books. Which I can’t confess to having done all that well.

So again it will come as no surprise to you that my exams were not returned with top marks… However there’s good to come from it. Every time my class made the anxious trudge toward the examination building, those who decided to make me their friend knew that they could count on me to ease the pressure they were feeling.

I’d waltz in with two pens in hand and no sign of last minute quote revision cards. I’d plonk myself on the floor next to them and confess to having done little more than 30 minutes reading of what had happened. The relief on their faces when they realised they were at least more prepared than me was somewhat entertaining. For some reason the grading pressure goes out the window when people know that they will at the very least not be the worst entrant in the exam.

I didn’t tell them my exam marks… It worked much better that way. Part of the advantage of winging it your entire educational life means you get pretty good and giving the marker exactly what they’re looking for and little more. So I didn’t flunk my exams and in the process I took the pressure of my uni mates, so I like to think I helped them get better marks… I probably can’t take credit for their success but let’s just pretend I can.

Morale of the story, laziness makes other people feel better about themselves…

S. Hansen

P.S. It’s worth noting that I pretty much wing everything. I’m thinking of creating a life motto with it… but then I figure I’ll just wing it when someone asks me for my motto.

P.P.S. This whole post was wung… Actually I wing every post.


8 thoughts on “Winging It

  1. Antidepressants can definitely make you sweat. Used to be Zoloft and it turned me into an awkward sweat beast. Are you affected by seasonal changes at all? Sometimes abrupt changes in weather can affect how you feel.

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    1. Well that’s the weird thing. I wouldn’t say I’m anymore sweaty just overly hot.
      Don’t think the seasons alter things much but maybe I’ll look back at my mood tracker at the end of the year and realise it does :p

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  2. You wing well. 🙂

    And as I seem to keep saying, most of us in life are just “winging it” all the way… especially those people who are pretending to be adults… and we/they do it all their lives. 😉

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