Pop Goes His Career

I am one of those people that is probably the most nostalgic of all people. That’s right folks, I’m a 90’s child. And not just any old 90’s kid, nope. I was born as they began and I remember that decade fondly… probably because I had zero responsibility and being able to tie your jumper around your waist was just convenient.

This means though that I missed the 80’s. A decade of big hair, shoulder pads and fluorescent colours. This also means that I didn’t exist when the greatest TV moment as far as the people of the UK and Australia were concerned, happened. Because apparently the most important thing ever to happen at lunch time was the wedding of Scott and Charlene on Neighbours. If you’re not sure what that means you obviously don’t live in the UK or Australia. Neighbours being an Australian soap opera that is somehow still running. And Scott and Charlene being much beloved characters badly played by Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue.

It turns out that being a fan favourite character on a popular soap opera can do wonders for your singing career. This was probably helped along by the fact the pair were also dating in real life. Both actors not long afterwards were launched onto the world with their own solo pop music careers. Jason was quicker on the uptake and being a young guy with great hair in the 80’s really worked for him. Then Kylie hit the music scene. Although the pair split up they were both hugely successful.

That was until a stint as Joseph in Joseph and the Technicoloured Coat and some speculation into his love life sparked homosexual rumours surrounding Jason. There was apparently news story after news story about him hiding his sexuality. To be fair to the guy this is probably a frustrating situation to find yourself in, rumours are not all that much fun. But he foolishly made a mistake with his choice of words when he decided to speak out. He ended up sounding homophobic and his career pretty much died. Nowadays you can find him making adverts for crap supermarkets such as Iceland (literally the scummiest of all the British supermarkets).

This is perfect example of how one small poorly chosen statement can destroy a lot of hard work. Now imagine if instead of the 80’s tabloids we were talking about modern social media. Even more opportunities to shove your foot so far into your mouth you start choking. We all sometimes say things we wish we hadn’t or hope like hell no one heard our blunder. The majority of the things my mind runs through when I’m trying to sleep are the things I wish I’d never said. And with text messages and emails and all the other written messaging style it’s very easy to lose the initial inflection you aimed for in your message. Losing the inflection as it turns out can lose you friends.

Not a problem if you don’t have any, like me (I jest, I’ve got one…). But O Hansen recently made a slip up in a message and remembered why having friends is such unnecessarily hard work. A joke turns into an argument and the cold shoulder. And before you know it you’ve lost a friend you spent a lot of time getting to know. What a waste of time…

Is there a moral to this story? I don’t know. Living a life constantly fearful of saying the wrong thing sounds rather tedious and nerve racking. Maybe just say what you want a live a life of verbal freedom. Don’t expect to make a lot of friends that way though…

S. Hansen

P.S. If you’re wondering what happened to Kylie, wonder no more. She’s still going strong, she got herself a gay following. A very loyal fan base. This is probably because she has a lot of barely clothed male backing dancers and she appears on stage in fabulous outfits like this…


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