My Music Highlights – 14/05/17

Right now I’m probably sleeping off the Eurovision drinking game or out getting recovery food. I’ve wisely written this post in advance so I don’t have to cycle through music the night after I’ve heavily lost a drinking game… I have awful luck at the Eurovision drinking games every damn year.

The Writer’s Music Highlight

I’m going to keep with the Eurovision theme of the weekend and present to you the greatest travesty of the show. It’s 2015 Georgia has put forward one of the best entries I’ve ever heard on the show. But I’m pretty much shit faced already and we haven’t even made it to the points yet, so it’s genius has gone unnoticed by me. O. Hansen would like to point out they liked it from the beginning, and I’d suggest that’s because they weren’t busy losing the game.

All the points are handed out and counted up. Sweden is crowned winner for the second time in three years. And I fall asleep not thinking much of it. But the next day all that’s running through my mind is this one song Georgia put forward. I go back and listen to it again and marvel in it’s dark intensity. I’m devastated it didn’t win. and it’s worth pointing out that the Eurovision side of tumblr was too. The song has since in my mind become the theme tune of one of my characters. It’s great for those dark and maybe active moments.


Musical Positivity

Honestly I think I probably let my Disney love show too frequently… but whether you are a Lilo & Stitch fan or not this track should lift your mood. It does mine every time it starts.


S. Hansen


2 thoughts on “My Music Highlights – 14/05/17

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