Carpe Diem

Right, I’ve been both unmotivated and rather busy over the weekend. So I’ve rather failed in my most regular blog posts. I promise to make up the missed Lyric Marking post next weekend and do a double whammy. But I still owe you some musical highlights and a blog post for today… Geez, that’ll teach me for procrastinating so long on my portfolio that I have to rush to get it all done and have no time for much else.

Here’s an idea though, roll them into one jumbled post and see what happens…

I made social plans for Sunday. Unusual for me I know but I’m apparently determined to make a friend. Unfortunately my friend got caught in the wrong city after missing their train because their son Arthur had had a code brown incident. But by the time I knew this I was already up, showered, dressed and I’d had some waffles for a very late breakfast. I’d also discovered that it was an amazing day outside. The perfect time to test out my theory that just jumping in my car and pointing it in the direction of naturally beautiful places was a great idea.

So I jumped in my car and told Linda I wanted to got to the nearest AONB (Area of Outstanding National Beauty). Linda is what I call my phones Google maps lady. If you’ve ever watched The Wedding Singer you’ll know that Linda is a bitch, something she has in common with my google maps… Anyway, with my sun glasses on, the window rolled down and the sun shining down on me I hit the road. If you were anywhere near Chew Valley Lake on Sunday, enjoying the calm and tranquillity of the area, I suppose I should apologise for zipping by with The Vengaboys playing… But I’m not going to, you know you loved it.

(As a side note, I’m not sure I’ve ever watched the music video before today)

I had a lovely time sat on my car bonnet, basking in the sun and admiring the view.


Then just as I thought I should probably think about heading back my friend messaged me to say they’d be back at their place soon if I still wanted to come over. Well why not right?

So off I shoot again, but this time my phone shuffles away from the majesty of 90s pop tracks. Instead I’m sent straight back to Cuba. You will hear this song literally everywhere there and if you ever need to set the Hispanic Caribbean tone in your writing you can’t go wrong with it.

Perfect for a sunny day.

I get to my friends place, Arthur goes up to bed and we have a catch up on stuff. I think that’s what you’re supposed to do right? It wasn’t long though before my buddy excitedly told me they’d been reading my book (in fact based on things they knew I’d say they were at least at chapter 10). Understandably they had been initially a little scared that they might not like it and that would lead to an awkward conversation. But thankfully it’s a hit with my friend. Everything they liked about the book were the things I worked hardest on. The characters especially.

It was great to have a face to face conversation with someone about my work and get some feedback. Though I will say this, it was hard not to geek out about my own book and refrain from sharing any future plot points.

Arthur isn’t doing too great at the moment though because he has a triple whammy of illness, bummer. So he woke up after about a hour coughing his little lungs up. He was absolutely exhausted but once he noticed me he perked up for ten minutes to say hi and see me for a cuddle before heading back to bed. I’ve always said I don’t really like people and children have become increasingly irritating as I’ve gotten older. But to have a kid fight through illness and exhaustion just to be lively enough to turn around, wave at me, give me a cheeky smile and hold his arms out for hug, just about melted my icy heart. I have a new best friend I think (sorry Mindfump’s gf…).

I seized the day guys and it was good. Maybe there’s something to the phrase after all.

S. Hansen


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