When a river meets the ocean it’s called an estuary. They are places where the madness of ocean life meets the life giving fresh water. I’m not going to beat around the bush here (I just found Fifth Element on TV) the ocean is my mind, it’s murky, as yet unknowable and kind of salty… which makes those lovely fresh water rivers streams of creativity. At an estuary the heavy salt water flows underneath the fresh water, letting the fresh water have it’s all important place in the sun while salty water spreads discretely up stream. I need those creative rivers to make it to my mind or there’s not much going on but saltiness. And in case you’re not familiar with the urban dictionary definition of salty here it is for you…

Being salty is the same as being bitter towards something or someone.

The trouble is rivers aren’t simple wiggly lines of blue on a map. I don’t know how good your geography teachers were but I’m going to assume they were shockingly bad and go through the whole process in my own special way… meaning I’m going to relate as much to you as I can remember (I actually had a very good geography teacher).

It all comes back to the sun. Everything starts with the sun. Life is non-existent without the sun. It heats up the water, causes evaporation and cloud formation. These fluffy clouds have a bunch of different forms, I can only remember cumulonimbus (it’s a pretty fun word to say). But eventually they meet the right weather conditions and altitude to piss all over everything. That evaporated water starts falling all over the place, sometimes it’s gently and sometimes it bloody buckets down.

Those clouds drifted pretty far from where they started though so all that water just landed miles away from the sea. Very often the cold weather and  high altitudes surrounding mountains start the rainfall process. So all the lovely rain water/creative inspiration just fell on a mountain miles away from the ocean/my brain. It trickles down the mountain side, water literally seems to aim straight for the ocean so when it can’t head there it starts to carve a path out of the landscape. This is how things like canyons, gorges and waterfalls get formed. Creativity wants to get to my mind but life and it’s many obstacles are blocking it’s path, how rude!

Once it’s made it’s way down the mountainside the water has to start the long process of meandering across the land. Haha a geography pun, I’m so funny. Or should I say… punny.

Have you ever looked at a make and noticed that those wiggly blue lines bump into each other a lot? Yeah probably not… But they do. In fact each large river has a bunch of little streams that feed into it. They’re called tributaries. They’re like the added little ideas you get that really improve on the first big idea you had. A hat is a great idea for keeping the sun out of my eyes, but if I put beer cans and straws on it, it’s an even better idea. Once all those streams/ideas converge into one big river/idea it’s building up some serious momentum and power.

The land/life is tough to break through at points but the power flowing through the river keeps working on the straight line path while at the same time creating a temporary detour. It never stops. The detour is why the rivers wiggle, they meander. Then when it finally breaks through the tough bit the detour isn’t needed any more, leaving behind an oxbow lake. The world is littered with these little pockets of creativity, pure creativity.

Miles and miles of travel across many terrains leads the creativity to my mind at last. Or does it? It turns out it’s been a dry year and not enough rain has fallen for the rivers to flow as usual. The creativity has dried up and a national drought emergency has been called. There’s a hose pipe ban in place and no one is allowed to waste any creativity.

So here my salty mind sits, waiting for a big rain fall to lift the creativity ban.

S. Hansen


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