Star Wars: An Acquired Taste

It’s May the 4th so it’s time for the obligatory Star Wars post from a science fiction author. My first interaction with Star Wars was probably my older brothers figurines. They were those plastic bend at the joint kind of figurines that are really just dolls for boys. There was a whole bunch of them and having never had any Star Wars experiences prior to discovering them I had no clue who or what half of them were.

I’d like to proudly proclaim that at this young age, of probably about 5 or 6, I was firmly on the road to being a feminist. I looked at all these “figurines” and found only one lady. I later discovered she was Princess Leia but at the time she was poo head lady because of her lovely hair do. There were plenty of storm troopers and sand people, there was Vader, Luke, Obi-Wan, Han, Chewee and no doubt plenty more that I have since forgotten. This seemed entirely unequal to me. I couldn’t very well have all these gents fighting over one poo haired lady. So it was decided that the ugly alien was also female, it wasn’t until I was about 21 that I learned the ugly alien was in fact a Gand. She was one ugly lady and was far outshone by lady poo hair but my female population doubled in an instant.

A few years later came my first introduction to the Star Wars films. They were on tv and were apparently something everyone knew about so I guess I thought it was very important that I fit in and watch them. Could not have been more disappointed, BORING!

It’s safe to say I didn’t think the Star Wars films were all that good. But clearly my interest in Star Wars didn’t end because I still wanted a lightsaber for Christmas and I still tried in vain to harness my power over the force, one day that chair is going to fly across the room for absolutely no reason.

What comes next on a path to learning about Star Wars? I’m sure many would say the books but they underestimate my laziness. I played pretty much any Star Wars game I could find at home. Having two older brothers who avidly played video games helped in this cause. Jedi Academy, Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2, Jedi Outcast 1 & 2, Force Unleashed and no doubt there were more that I have since forgotten. These days those games are just a bit too old for me to sit down and enjoy them but you’ll still find me playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. And it’s within these games I learned that it wasn’t Star Wars that bored me. It was the Skywalker story that bored me. The lore, culture and universe of Star Wars still intrigues and fascinates me. Exploring the myriad worlds has always excited me and meeting new species has always enthralled me.

Star Wars may not have been the first bit of Science Fiction to steal my heart (Fifth Element was if you’re interested) but it certainly contains the kind of depth of detail that I aim for in my own writing.

Darth Hansen


8 thoughts on “Star Wars: An Acquired Taste

  1. Takes a brave man to say Star Wars bored him *not sure whether to congratulate you or poke you in the eye with my Greedo figurine*
    Also, kudos for poo head woman. That just cracked me up.
    Star Wars was probably my first sci fi love although its weirdly intermingled with The Last Starfighter, Total Recall and Star Trek.

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  2. Fifth Element was also my first, and probably only furore into Sci-fi, well until I grew up. Now I will watch the occasion space flick. Still not got round to Star Wars, apart from the new one. But it is so much in the public conscious that I feel like I’ve seen them all.

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    1. Honestly the new one is the only one I liked it. And I liked Rogue One too, though both times a droid was the MVP of the film.
      Yeah I somehow think that the big reveal in Star Wars is going to be overly shocking if you ever do watch them…


  3. As someone who loved nearly all ’80s sci-fi and fantasy, it was sort of odd that I was very cold on the Star Wars films — and remained indifferent in spite of (powerful) pressure from friends.

    It was only later on that I gained some appreciation of the whole mythos when I found out that George Lucas was highly inspired by the “monomyth” theories as popularised by Joseph Campbell… anyway; keep striving for depth of detail, Hans: that’s where God and the Devil reside, so goes the phrase… depth of detail also makes the difference between a nice fictional world and a fascinating one (!)

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    1. Phew, beginning to think I was the only one that watched star wars and wondered what all the fuss was about. I even had a sort Star Wars/Christmas celebration called Life Day one year with my siblings. We put the films on but the lightsaber ice cubes and toys were of more interest to me… it was probably only about 3 years ago…

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