Language Change, Solecism & Barbarism

I've talked a bit  at great length in the past about my love of the English language. But there is a language that is perhaps nearer and dearer to my heart. It's also a language that works across borders. Because I'm talking about family language. I don't know if that's a thing that any lexicologists …

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My Dad – A Colour Blind Tall Guy With A Pointy Ear

Genetically speaking your biological parents play a pretty darn important role in making you who you are. Of course if it turns out they are crappy parents or for whatever reason they don't raise you that's where you start thinking about the whole nature versus nurture thing. But the genetics is what interests me today. …

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When I'm feeling particularly low everything can get a bit stale. Suddenly I lose interest in my favourite TV shows, books and games. They just get a bit less exciting, they all seem so stale and been there, done that.  Even my favourite foods get a bit bland and stale. The world looks a bit …

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