My Music Highlights – 30/04/17

The Writer’s Music Highlight

So I’ve only published one book, and that book is what most people would shove into the sci-fi genre. Which I suppose makes me a sci-fi writer. If you think about all the best science fiction in popular culture you think of drama, adventure and epic battles. But have you ever noticed that when you watch the science fiction films and tv shows the most powerful moments lose their punch without their soundtrack.

Those pieces of music that really layer the instruments carefully to build up into the emotion altering accompaniments to the visual feast of science fiction. Here’s a great example from Alliance.

If this was your thing then I’d definitely recommend you do a lengthy youtube search for all things Alliance.


Musical Positivity

I’m still heavily listening to my electro swing at the moment but I have recently discovered a way to make electro swing even happier. Disney tunes! There’s no quicker way to feel a little bit more upbeat than to get nostalgic. But remember nostalgia just isn’t what it used to be…

Don’t tell me Robin Williams doesn’t make you smile. I honestly have no idea why Disney would think he’s replaceable in the new live action Aladdin they’re planning. As if it wasn’t bad enough they didn’t have Angela Lansbury play Mrs Potts…

S. Hansen


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5 thoughts on “My Music Highlights – 30/04/17

    1. Time Eater by Alliance is another great piece of science fiction drama music.
      I’ve just looked up Shpongle. At first bizarre is definitely the word for it, then you kind of get lost in it and it’s quite entrancing. Love it.

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  1. Oh, Robin Williams. I miss him so much.

    Music can totally enhance some great scifi, just as long as it doesn’t promise more than it delivers. It’s terrible when the music promises chills, thrills and monsters in the shadows, and… nothing much happens. Maybe a kitty strolls out of the spaceship’s loading bay, that’s it.

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