My Music Highlights – 23/04/17

To many people the 23rd of April isn’t really a particularly special date. Today is Saint George’s day and is not really celebrated all that much as far as I can tell. At least not in the same way that they do on St Patrick’s day. Saint George is widely known, I think, as the patron saint of England. But apparently he was a very admirable chap because he’s also the patron saint of Georgia (I guess the clue is in the name), Romania, Malta, Portugal, Catalonia and Aragon (I thought that was a guy in Lord of the Rings…).

My very small amount of knowledge on the guy amounts to knowing where they like him and that he killed a dragon. Which sounds pretty cool, I mean how much of a bad ass must the guy be to kill a dragon, because dragons definitely existed right? Then I saw some paintings of him and the dragons always look like lame lizards that he’s poking with a spear. Somewhat less dramatic than you’d hope for.

On the plus side it has encouraged to scour my memory for some good examples of traditional English music as a miniature celebration. Obviously the first to mind was Greensleeves but there just wasn’t enough adventure in it for me today. After a lot of uncertainty I struck mental gold. A lot of sea shanties are sung in English… this is probably because they were English… so sea shanties are English right? So let’s get piratey! Or not because this shanty is actually for the homeward bound sailors.


Musical Positivity

I tend to go through phases of musical taste. Sometimes I’ll only listen to a particular genres for weeks, other times I’ll move on within hours. There are times when I can’t be bothered to listen to classical music and other times where I marvel at the beauty of it. At the moment my genre of choice is Electro Swing. If this isn’t a genre you’ve come across before you can probably guess from it’s name that it’s swing music updated with electrical instruments. If you like swing you’ll probably love it.

Anyway, instead of just presenting you with one of my favourites I think I could addd a little extra smile to it by pointing you in the direction of Macklemore like you’ve never heard him before…

S. Hansen


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