One Of Those Days

I’m having a blech day today. I’ve done all the good things you’re supposed to do. I’ve socialised, but not with strangers because that’s anxiety inducing. I’ve gone out in the sun. I’ve had great food. I’ve been driving, which I love doing. But I still feel blech.

I suppose those just happen and we all get them. And I’m probably only worrying about it being a sign that medication clearly doesn’t work because I have another appointment with my doctor tomorrow.

Whatever the reason for my blech day, it means I have zero ability to think of something interesting to write about. And if we are being perfectly honest, zero ability to adequately express myself (as can be seen in the above writing).

S. Hansen



8 thoughts on “One Of Those Days

  1. I feel you. Might I suggest on the blech days you treat yourself very kindly, don’t sweat the words that will not flow and instead do something a little bit sinful just for you; watch your favorite 80’s movie, reread a trashy novel that you just can’t get enough of or have a steaming hot bath with chocolate and a wine of the side. There’s enough blech out there and on those days when it mounts, the last person who needs to treat you roughly is you! 😊

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