My Music Highlights – 16/04/17

The Writer’s Music Highlight

Water is a wonderful liquid that brings life to everything. Our obsession with it has sparked many a high budget deep sea exploration. And much of the “alien” plant life seen in movies and tv shows was inspired by underwater life. Setting out to write something that sparks the imagination and prods the reader in the direction of the ocean depths can be a daunting task. But perhaps it’s one that could be made easier with a little musical inspiration.


Musical Positivity

This morning was a beautiful sunny, blue skied start to Easter. Perfect weather for Easter egg hunts and relaxing in the sun. For some reason the blue sky has seen fit to cloud over and turn grey. I’m not very happy with this alteration on my day so in an attempt to lure the blue sky back this week’s happy song will be Mr Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra.



S. Hansen

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One thought on “My Music Highlights – 16/04/17

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