My Music Highlights – 09/04/17

Last night at work I was all alone in the warehouse and unlike most nights I was actually supposed to be there. I even did some work… But the downside to the warehouse is that the in store radio does not play there, which would make for a terribly dull evening. Never fear though because I came to work prepared for all eventualities (I did not, I just figured I was going to be lazy and burn through my phone’s charge pretty quickly). Plugged my phone into the wall and set up my own DJ booth (also did not do that).

So after having spent the night listening to The Vengaboys and nothing else I’m pretty prepared to put together my weekly music highlights…

The Writer’s Music Highlight

Every once in a while a writer finds themselves in need of writing a good fight scene (probably not all writer’s actually). Finding the right track to inspire your fight can be difficult to say the least. A lot depends on the kind of fight you’re writing, is it a slick dance like fight or a raging bar brawl? There are many ways the action can go down. But on the off chance you’re struggling to write bar brawl I might have just the thing. If you want to write a good pub fight who better to take inspiration from than the most renowned scrappers in the world, the Irish (and the American Irish).

There’s that beautiful Irish music with the rough and tumble edge of a good drunken melee. I’d like to hasten to point out that I in no way consider all Irish people to be drunken brawlers. It’s simply a stereotype I abuse to trick my mind into the right creative spot.

If anyone is struggling creatively to write something in particular, just let me know the mood you’re going for and I’ll see what I can come up with.

Music Positivity

On a day like today, with the sun shining bright, the blossom drifting gently by and the smell of freshly cut grass hanging in the air, one can’t help but feel good. There’s something so soothing about the sun warming your skin and a subtle breeze signifying the relaxed passing of time. And under such circumstances there’s one perfect song to be listening to.

As I mentioned last week Muse have done an excellent cover version, but the original is perfect for today.

S. Hansen


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