(2) If Song Lyrics Were Read As Prose

There was something so therapeutic about grading the song lyrics of Rude (by Magic!) last week, that I’ve decided it may well become a regular thing. There are so many songs that really get on my nerves that it’s nice to get a little bit of payback. If anyone wants to choose a song for the red pen treatment though, I’ll gladly take suggestions. I’ll even do it to songs I like because they’ve pretty much all got problems.

I was going to do Blurred Lines this week but then I read the lyrics and was reminded just how awful it is. I’ll need more time to go through that one. It’s so sexually predatory that I wasn’t at all surprised that Robin Thicke’s wife left him not long after…

Instead I’ve picked Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. I have never liked this song but I think I’ve given it a fair shout, particularly as I cut off the fifty five repetitions of the chorus…

call me maybe lyrics

Sorry I’ve not done more for the blog today. I’m very tired and haven’t even got the energy to make dinner. As a general rule of thumb I don’t buy things I can make better so take away is limited to chips, southern fried chicken and chow mein noodles. But today I’m actually ordering pizza… It was even tempting to get it delivered even though it’s only a few shops down.

S. Hansen


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