My Music Highlights – 02/04/17

The Writer’s Music Highlight

Muse are a band that I probably don’t listen to enough. I’m not saying that simply because I like their music and somehow neglect to listen to it. More because the lyrical content of their tracks is far superior to most musicians. While many successful acts are singing simple lyrics about some random unnamed guy or girl, Muse are writing poetry about the state of the world.

‘You and me are the same
We don’t know or care who’s to blame
But we know that whoever holds the reigns
Nothing will change
Our cause has gone insane’

But while it’s good to keep your ears open to inspiring and meaningful lyrics they aren’t always that helpful (because they can be distracting) when you’re writing. The good news though, is that they aren’t just talented lyricists. The music to go with it is exquisitely crafted at times. I adore the introduction to Newborn and I genuinely can’t decide between Nina Simone and Muse when listening to their version of Feeling Good. They play with electronica and the many types of rock while occasionally drawing from the classical and jazz genres.  Today I suppose I’m highlighting far more than just one track, I’m highlighting a band. But as always I’ll pick one track that gets those creative juices flowing.

I’m choosing this one for two reasons, one, there’s plenty of instrumental to inspire without distracting lyrics. Two, the lyrics that are there are pretty damn good. So, here’s Knights Of Cydonia.

And if you’re just looking to pump yourself up for a something scary, might I suggest listening from the 3 minute 17 mark?


Musical Positivity

This song needs no explanation really. I don’t think anyone is going to fight me on how this is positive. Unless somehow I’ve really misunderstood the lyrics.

But so that it doesn’t seem like a total cop out I’m also going to provide you with one of the better chill remixes. For whatever reason they chose to use new vocals, the guy isn’t the best singer I’ve heard (but I’ve heard much worse and he does improve a bit as the track progresses). However the music track is just pure summery chill.

I was in a pretty shitty mood today, just listening to these chilled tracks has seriously mellowed me. Damn music is good at controlling my mood, the villainous applications for that are frightening…


S. Hansen

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