When Was He Rude?

My workplace, like many others, has a radio station on at all times. The music it provides is far superior to the absence of sound without it. One night the radio was switched off two hours into my eight hour shift for an unknown reason, never before or after has work dragged quite like that. However it does mean there are certain songs I am forced into listening to, I would say, at least three times a week. I say forced because after having heard them once I felt the need to get out a scouring pad and scrub my ears clean of the obnoxious drivel the “artist” had just spewed. I would not freely choose to listen to the songs ever again.

I had a pretty shitty day (night technically) at work what with numerous terrible mishaps and unfortuitous events.  And then the radio played one such song as I detest. It’s not the style of the music that I hate, in fact it’s not the music I hate at all. It’s the lyrics and the loathsome way the singer garbles them out. So because I was feeling grumpy already I started thinking to myself, ‘I’d love to get my hands on that lyric sheet and scribble all over it with red pen.’

So I did.

Rude Lyrics


I’ve cut off the lyrics a long time before the end of the song because after this he pretty much just repeats the second verse and chorus twice more. I guess he ran out of utter garbage to scrawl down in his book of atrocities (I’m sure he calls it something like a lyric notepad, but I know the truth).

I understand there may be some people that quite like this song. There must be or I wouldn’t have to listen to it quite so frequently. But I can’t get behind the sentiment of this song, it’s lazily written with the maturity of an eight year old.

It was very therapeutic to scribble all over the lyric sheet. I may just do it again with other lyrics I abhor. The lyrics for Blurred Lines are pretty terrible and sexually predatory to be perfectly honest.

S. Hansen


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