Missing: Blue Lotus

Right, I was wrong yesterday. Creativity is not flowing. I just happen to be able to paint flowers regardless. And since yesterday I’ve had ‘The Flower Duet‘ stuck in my head. There are far worse songs to be stuck in your head, it’s very soothing. But it also means I’ve been unable to think about much more than roses, jasmine and blue lotus.  To the point where I haven’t been able to focus on my gaming because I keep deciding to do a bit of painting. I took a break from the painting because my hand was cramping, started up the game and played for about 20 minutes before I was apparently ready to go back to painting. Weird shit is happening to me today.


The hand cramp got worse and I ended up skipping out on the blue lotus, maybe I’ll add it in later.

And the weird stuff continued when I decided out of nowhere I was going to do some baking. I didn’t get very far before I realised I had no eggs and would have to either leave my flat and risk my life out in public, or give up on the baking. I gave up on the baking, but I’m still thinking about it…

A pretty short post today for two reasons. One, not a lot has happened today. I have spent about 4 hours drawing those roses and I only woke up at 12… so not much time for anything else. The second reason, is that I had a good idea for a post on language. But I’m still working out what I want to say and how to word it for you. I try not to write utter rubbish for you to mistakenly waste your time reading.

S. Hansen


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