Inspiration And Creativity Are Two Very Different Concepts

You ever noticed those three tag search suggestions at the top of your reader? Honestly, I only occasionally notice them. Often it’ll be that I read the words as it was scrolling past so fast that I’ll register the words but not where they were on the page. So I’ll think ‘ooh’ that sounded like an interesting topic’ before realising it was just a search suggestion. I did the same thing recently and thought that someone had written a blog post on ‘inspiration monkeys’.

I’m sure you can understand why I was disappointed to discover it was not a post. But it did at least put a funny concept in my mind. A concept that explained a few things about inspiration. As we all know, monkeys are mischievous creatures that occasionally like to throw poo at you…

What better explanation is there for a complete inability to follow through on your inspiration than for it to turn out to be poo? I’ve been having a bit of a problem with inspiration lately. It’s there. The monkeys are still swinging around my brain synapses, laughing and having a good time. But I’m not able to transfer that inspiration into creation. The monkeys are currently in the middle of playing a solid game of piggy in the middle. They’re tossing creativity around between each other, never letting me grab a hold of it. And every so often they throw inspiration at me to make matters worse.

I have the ideas but lack the creativity to follow through at the moment. My music and my mind are working together to inspire vivid images of what I want to paint and write. But creativity isn’t exactly exuding from me. The realisation of my inspiration is not happening.

What a bummer.

S. Hansen


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